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Promila Sen
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AngelofChartres Balcony BirdwithPear BluebirdSinging
Balcony Basket of Roosters Garden, Chapel Hill Incoming Tide
Fish4 Fragments Movement Reflections_watercolor
Journeying Home Reflections #1 Reflections #2 Reflections #3
Riverside_altered Threads connections connections2
Remembering Shadows Riverview Sunflower Sunflowers
window_series_altered Thoroughbred Tomatoes Shrine
Sunrise Thoroughbred Tomatoes Wayside Shrine
Window morning glory Topsail_Birds
Window (series) Morning Glory Morning Seagulls Counterpoint: Triptych
barn grasses_altered2 cottonfields ocean_topsail.
Barn Grasses Altered 2 Cotton Fields Path to the Ocean
autumn_leaves_3 Autumn_woods_2 water tranfer
Autumn Leaves Autumn Woods Water
Polaroid transfer
iris Heart    
Iris Heart    

These photographs were taken between 2003 and 2009 in the U.S. (North Carolina and Kentucky), in Portugal and in India.

" Photography is an aesthetic, visual experience - seeing the way light transforms objects; observing color, contrast, pattern, form and texture. I'm motivated by the feeling, poetry or sense of place that an image evokes. An architectural detail, a landscape, a flower, recalls a memory which I may use creatively in my painting. Photography and painting form an interactive part of my work process."

"Art is metamorphosis"



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