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Promila Sen
Painting/ Watercolor
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3apples Cyclamen gardenias Fragments GreenApples
3 Apples Cyclamen Gardenias Fragments Green Apples
PROM59b PROM60 StillLife_w_blueberries Strawberries_bluebowl Strawberrieswithbluestripe
Fish #3 Earth Patterns Still Life Strawberries Strawberries
SunlitField Tomatoes_24x19 Tomatoes_on_printedcotton winterwoods1 apples_blueplate
Sunlit Field Tomatoes Tomatoes Winter Woods Apples on Blue Plate
apples_redgrapes bluevasewithpansies cotton dogwood fish2
Apples Deep Purple: Blue Vase Cotton Dogwood Fish II
fish_series1 grasses pastedGraphic peachblossoms
Garden Series Fish Grasses Sunlit Wings Peach Blossoms
peaches_pattern pears_w_leaves red_camelias sunflowers tomatoes_leavesThr
Peaches Pears/ leaves Red Camellias Sunflowers Tomatoes
water2 Fish4

morning glory

Water II Water 1 Morning Glory    

"The white of watercolor paper invites exploration of ideas through design, color, shape, pattern and texture. Watercolor allows me to have an intuitive, immediate response to images and to react in creative ways to the "unexpected" in the work process. Color gives my work a personal meaning: ultramarine, cobalt and cerulean; burnt umber, siena; vermilion, saffron, ochre; alizarin, magenta and purple - all these become remembered connections to feelings, sounds and places."

"In music, a light blue is like a flute"


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